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February 14, 2013

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Next week has so many startup events in Atlanta that there’s even a website dedicated to it, Tech & Startup Week. I’m excited.

Here are the events I’m attending and why:

  1. Startup Rally / Startup Georgia (new event)
    • Put on by the guys at Hypepotamus, bringing all that energy with it
    • Career Fair there will attract Georgia Tech students; AccelerEyes is eager to hire
    • Across the street at the nice Biltmore ballroom
    • Features some big name speakers: Jermaine Dupri, CEO of So So Def Recordings, and Scott Case, co-founder & CTO of Priceline
  2. Founder Fables (new event)
    • Off-the-record conversations from 11 entrepreneurs; I expect to hear more specific details of how people do the important things at this event than are normally accessible. If we get to learn specifics about deal structures, equity distributions, and other typically-withheld information, it will be awesome. Attendees have agreed to not share the information learned, check out this awesome terms of attendance:
      • “I agree that if I attend Founder Fables, I will hold all discussion, content, and information from the event as off-the-record and not-for-attribution. I further agree that I will never publish, distribute, or disseminate any of this information in any form in perpetuity. If I ever break this agreement I understand that I will be forever banned from future events and I agree to be publicly mocked and ridiculed by the organizers of Founder Fables. Seriously – banned, mocked AND ridiculed.”
    • Another Sanjay Parekh event (in addition to his Startup Riot); should be great
  3. Startup Riot (now an Atlanta tradition)
    • The best early stage startup event in Atlanta, with all-day 3 minute pitches
    • Huge attendance
    • Always has great keynotes
    • I pitched AccelerEyes at Startup Riot 2009. No one remembers that pitch. The pitch that people do remember is Wifi Cat by Scott Burkett, embedded below because it was a breakout moment for the Atlanta startup community. Last year’s body boss was funny too (at 1:00 in the video).

What Atlanta startup events are you attending next week? What moments do you remember from previous Atlanta startup events?

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