Friday Lunch Conversation about “Invest Georgia”

April 5, 2013

in Fundraising

Membership in the Atlanta Tech Village means free Friday lunches and opportunity to serendipitously meet other people in the tech/startup ecosystem. Today was my first Friday lunch and I enjoyed a conversation with Knox Massey and Kenji Kuramoto. I’ve known Kenji for a long time, but Knox is someone I’ve been following on Twitter for years and have never previously met in person.

I already knew Knox to be a fixture in the Atlanta startup community, but I didn’t really know much more than that until today. Today I learned that he ran one of the bigger angel groups in Atlanta, the Atlanta Technology Angels, for awhile and is now investing out of a family fund.

He also is one of the main champions behind the “Invest Georgia” VC bill that would create a $100 million fund for Georgia companies. The bill has passed the legislature and is on the governor’s desk awaiting a signature. If Governor Deal signs it, then there will be a nice pot of money here in Atlanta for startups to chase. The money will be distributed to local VC firms through a RFP/vetting process yet-to-be-determined by an independent board. It is unclear if Governor Deal will sign the legislation, and he only has 40 days to do so or the bill will fail.

Here’s some links on this Invest Georgia bill:

All this from a free lunch!

Side Note: Was also great to connect with Urvaksh again today. First time we had connected in-person in a number of years.

Who have you met recently at the Atlanta Tech Village? What are your thoughts on the Invest Georgia bill?

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