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April 15, 2013

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I really like this short post by Chris Dixon on the “Experience Economy.” He basically talks about how user experience increasingly defines the success of products.

It is no coincidence that interaction design is replacing technical prowess as the primary competency at startups.

At AccelerEyes, we fully believe this is true, even for our very technical software. Users are sick of broken, slow, incompatible software and want stuff that works and is convenient.

Along these lines, we’ve started to invest more in professional designers to polish the experience. We’ve found a number of quality independent graphic designers in the Atlanta area who are willing to jump on projects quickly and competently. If you’re looking for designers in Atlanta, I recommend posting on We&Co.

Right now, we are working on a big update to the user experience for the upcoming release of ArrayFire v2.0. It’s something I’m thinking about frequently.

When building a startup, you have to choose how much resource to dedicate to functionality and how much to dedicate to design and user experience. I find myself devoting more and more attention to user experience.

How do you determine how much resource allocation to give user experience versus functionality in your product? What do you do to enhance the user experience?

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