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June 24, 2013

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I’ve written previously about how hiring has been a limiting factor for AccelerEyes this year. We’ve started to turn the corner on that limiting factor (though we continue to aggressively look for ace CUDA and OpenCL developers) and now face new challenges.

With our recent influx of new employees, we feel a big need to spend time with internal training. Our competitive advantage as a business has a lot to do with how we have operated internally over the last 6 years. We want to make sure new employees benefit from that instruction and culture as soon as possible after joining.

The things we do to maintain a high-level of productivity and quality of work are important to pass on to the newest employees. Having more than doubled our headcount recently, we are struggling to train new employees sufficiently fast and thorough. In order to facilitate this spread of knowledge, we have decided to implement company-wide developer training twice a week.

CUDA & OpenCL Training (on Wednesdays) – A weekly training session dedicated to CUDA & OpenCL training. Even after rigorously screening during the hiring process, it is still important for incoming developers to step up their game at AccelerEyes.

ArrayFire Internal Training (on Fridays) – A weekly training session dedicated to learning the internal aspects of ArrayFire. ArrayFire is a sophisticated parallel computing system which contains much more than a mere collection of CUDA & OpenCL kernels. It contains a memory manager, a JIT engine, hooks for our GFOR loop, hooks for graphics functions, hooks for leveraging multiple compute devices, and other aspects. Our goal is that each developer be capable of autonomous contributions to a broad swath of ArrayFire’s code base as they embark upon their projects and tackle the incoming stream of requests for features and bug fixes.

We hope these two weekly training sessions will lead to greater developer productivity and a dissemination among new team members of those attributes that have made the difference for our company thus far.

In times of rapid head count growth, what has your startup done to train new hires?


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