Two Kinds of Exhibits to Watch at Tradeshows

November 18, 2013

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There are two kinds of exhibits I like to look for at tradeshows that have meaningful impact on the way I view our market.

BigCo Presence

It is always revealing to see how big the BigCo’s go at tradeshows. There is often a correlation between the bigness of presence and the appetite the BigCo has for the market.

Of note in the past was SC08 when Microsoft dominated the show. They were hungry to make inroads into HPC. That hunger portended their acquisition of Interactive Supercomputing and other significant investments. At some point that hunger died down and they no longer go big like they used to in HPC.

The bigness of BigCo presence can be a clear and important indicator of hunger. It’s good to do business with hungry companies; waste of time to do business with status quo entities.

Small Innovative Exhibits

Some of the most interesting innovations are found in the small exhibits on the fringe of the conference floor. Not all small exhibits are innovative, but there are some great gems in there.

In our booth during the opening gala tonight, it was clear that the demo we have of ARM Mali running OpenCL is of great interest to passersby. I look forward to walking the floor this week to seeing what else is out there, like the optical chip guys I saw at a glance.

What are your thoughts about the interesting exhibits at tradeshows?


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