A Great Story of Scrappy Tradeshow Resourcefulness

November 19, 2013

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I love stories of scrappy entrepreneurs finding ways to get things done resourcefully. I previously shared a funny story about scrappy resourcefulness from our early days.

Today I heard a great story from one of our partners at SC13. The partner sells heavy server hardware. To avoid the thousands of dollars that Freeman charges to move server equipment, this partner decided to transport their equipment by themselves.

Their intent was to unload their heavy server equipment at the loading dock in the late hours after Freeman had gone home for the night in order to work unencumbered on the dock.

However, they found the gate to the dock was locked after hours. It was critical for them to find a way to get their stuff in to be prepared for the opening of the showroom floor the next day.

Ultimately, they found that the kitchen staff were working late and had a kitchen dock of their own. Not only did this partner talk their way into using the kitchen’s dock and hauling their servers through the kitchen, they also recruited the kitchen staff who were happy to assist these gutsy partners in their after hours work.

It’s a great story. Starting a business is hard. Costs kill. Resourcefully avoiding stupid fees can help a startup keep their limited resources centered on the primary goals of building great products and acquiring good customers.

What are great stories you have of scrappy resourcefulness?


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