An Exemplary Evening of Takeaways from Atlanta Bloggers

November 23, 2013

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After a long day, I just sat down to write my nightly post. Before doing so, I checked my RSS and Twitter feeds. I read several articles, including 3 that really stuck out to me from Atlanta bloggers. These posts each generated important takeaways for me personally and for my team. Tonight, I post my exemplary evening of great takeaways pulled from Atlanta bloggers, and wish to convey how awesome it is that evenings like this happen all the time:

Kyle Porter – Email Sales Tips: The Forward-Able Introduction

This is an older post from Kyle, but he included it in a tweet tonight so I saw it again. My takeaway:  Incorporate this into our sales team; let’s proactively use referrals to generate warm introductions.

Allen Nance – Teaching Entrepreneurship to Kids a Real Inheritance?

This is a topic close to my heart. Teaching entrepreneurship to kids is awesome. What a great that site Allen and his daughter constructed. My takeaway:  I can do the same!

David Cummings – Can’t the Software Just be Knocked Off

This is an awesome post. So many people in BigCos or naysayers of entrepreneurial ambition use the “knock off” risk to discourage. But the “knock off” risk is really not that big. In fact, as David points out with the Mythical Man-Month, startups are actually in a better position to succeed than BigCos in many software development situations. The truth is that a small team of really talented software developers can always do better than a large team of tight-deadline-driven BigCo employees. My takeaway: Teach this truth to my team and more broadly; people need to grok this stuff.

All that from one night. Takeaways like these happen all the time for me in the entrepreneurial community, especially here in Atlanta.

What takeaways have you recently pulled from Atlanta bloggers?


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