On Nervousness

December 25, 2013

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Startups are full of nervous moments. Will your prospect place the order? Will potential investors warmly receive your pitch? Will your key employee stay on-board? Will the job candidate say “Yes” to your employment offer? Will your product get developed on time? And on and on the nervous moments roll.

If you’re not having nervous moments frequently, you’re not moving enough. Get to work.

If you are having frequent nervous moments, that’s great. But I believe that there are two types of nervousness:  1) the type based upon hopeful opportunity, and 2) the type based upon fear of loss or defeat.

The first type is incredibly powerful and the detached frontiersmanship it embodies personifies what it means to be an entrepreneur. The second type is debilitating and unsustainable.

I got to thinking of this today during Christmas as I was surrounded by family, faith, and things that dwarf the meaning of startups in my life. Without those things in my life, I believe that my nervousness will slip from being type one to being type two. I’m grateful for those things that matter more and give me the ability to take risks without fear.

One great book on the topic of handling nervous moments is Crucial Conversations.

What are your thoughts on the types of nervousness?


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