The ArrayFire Users Group

March 27, 2014

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Once a startup has a sufficient number of users, it makes sense to form a users group. Inline with my post from last night, we are excited for the ArrayFire Users Group that is forming now to collaborate, contribute open source code, and provide input and direction to the future of ArrayFire.

Today was the first ever meeting of the group in conjunction with the GPU Technology Conference in San Jose. Future meetings will happen once per quarter, by phone 3 times per year and in conjunction with the GPU Technology Conference once per year.

The goals of the group are four-fold:

  • provide users with open source maintained software
  • provide users with a space for collaborative sharing of useful CUDA, OpenCL, and ArrayFire functions
  • provide users with a strong voice to guide ArrayFire features
  • provide a path for us to be able to open source even more of the library

As I wrote last night, the stronger the community becomes, the easier it will be for us to migrate more of our business towards an open source model, and we are excited by that prospect.

The users group is co-led by two expert ArrayFire developers that do not work for our company. Our employees will not run the group nor make it’s decisions. This way the group makes the best decisions for itself and the overall community.

Have you ever participated in an open source community? What are your thoughts on user groups?.

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