Tonight’s Atlanta Startup Village #17 Recap

April 21, 2014

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There was another great Atlanta Startup Village tonight in the beautiful new Atlanta Tech Village event space. I love the energy and fresh ideas at these events.

What astounds me most is the number of new faces that show up. About 50% of the attendees are first time participants. It is clear that there is a strong sense of startup hype sweeping over the city. I think it could be called the Shark Tank effect.

Here are short summaries of tonight’s presentations:


  • 8% of Americans can stick to a budget
  • mobile app FoundMoney enables you to track the ways you save money
  • trying to help people save money
  • iOS only currently
  • monetizing with targeted advertising and lead generation
  • worst case cost of customer acquisition is $3-7


  • cloud based customer support tool
  • enables help desk features to log time, assign to a billable rate, and sends out invoices


  • animating looping videos
  • they gave a sneak peek of their almost launching app
  • combines the features of draw something with Vine, enabling easy creation and sharing of looping sketched video

Authenticate Staff

  • delivers authenticated profiles and appointment reminders for people providing service to your home
  • helps people become more comfortable with service providers from services like DirectTV
  • enables much better communication and trust between service providers and service recipients
  • currently have 8-9 companies with 300 technicians


  • makes a very simple gmail to salesforce connector
  • stores all email sent
  • love the simplicity of their story and the bigness of their market opportunity

What were your favorite moments from tonight’s Atlanta Startup Village?


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