Respecting our Student Commitments

May 21, 2014

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When we started our company, we were all students at Georgia Tech. We were not all at the same point in our programs. I was the furthest along towards my degree. Others were 1-2 years behind me.

We all had various scholastic demands on our time too that ebbed and flowed differently in the calendar year. It was difficult to predict when academic demands would be high for one person relative to another. At the time, we all felt that finishing our education was the highest priority (though looking back that seems not as important), so we made a rule to achieve that goal.

Our rule was:  School comes first. Everyone is free to do whatever they need to do to meet the demands of school and no one else is allowed to complain about that.

It worked well and gave each of us individually the freedom we needed to do what we wanted to do academically.

For student entrepreneurs, I recommend an approach that provides each co-founder with the freedom to decide. Natural incentives are already in place that motivate people to work on a startup. It is best not to fight against the very strong desires most people have to finish their degrees.

What are your thoughts about student entrepreneurship?


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