Invest In Things You Can Control

June 6, 2014

in Fundraising, Ownership

Kyle Porter wrote a great post today about improving the odds in angel investing through a moneyball-type approach. I thought it was an interesting thought, and it prompted me to consider my own approach.

Back in January, I wrote about investing money and my opinions remain the same. The way I personally have chosen to invest is to re-invest in more entrepreneurial adventures where I participate as a co-founder, rather than investing as an aloof participant in the stock market or a semi-aloof participant as an angel investor.

As long as I can delegate and organize things properly, I should be able to put my money fully to use on things that I can grow with more participation, without having to resort to investment options involving more of a gamble on how someone else performs.

For instance, this summer we are working on two new ideas and there are employees hired for each of those. It’s an exciting time!

The more general principle is to invest in things you can control. Don’t just pull the handle on a slot machine. Look for ways that allow you to get return on your own performance.

What are your thoughts on investing in things you can control?


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