Patriotic Songs of Independence Day

July 4, 2014

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I love Independence Day. It’s full of summer, patriotism, parades, fireworks, friendship, family, and memories of those who have paved the way for us to enjoy the freedoms of this land.

I know that many of the readers of this blog are not from the US, but I wanted to take one post to share. The topics I cover on this blog presuppose a free land and a rule of law that encourages innovation, progress, and limits the downside of risk for those who start new companies. It is a great blessing to be able to build startups in this free land.

To celebrate on the blog today, I put together a YouTube playlist of some of the best ever songs of Independence Day. Enjoy!


How are you celebrating Independence Day today?

  • Vish

    John, happy Independence day! I always wonder how you manage to keep up the schedule of one blog post every day or two. Can you write a post about that? :)

    • John Melonakos

      I do one every day! I should blog about that sometime, you’re right!

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