Valuing Company Retreats

July 21, 2014

in Culture, Events, Leadership, Team Building

It is often hard for managers and employees to value company retreats. It is easy for everyone to become mired in the details of the day to day and not value more strategic, long-term, or business-level thinking.

Today and tomorrow the ArrayFire team is at a lake house on Lake Rabun for our annual company retreat. There is no cell phone coverage here. We have internet at the house, but we also ask people to leave the cell phones and laptops alone for big chunks of the day.

We sit on the lake and discuss important strategic issues. Then we get on the boat and wakeboard. Or play games on the dock. Or paddle board. We play hard.

We eat together. We make a campfire and discuss our core values. It is super refreshing to spend time together and talk about the soul of our business.

At the beginning of the day, many of our team were skeptical about the value of being here. By the end of the day, I believe that everyone sees the value and is refreshed and renewed with energy.

What are your thoughts on helping team members value company retreats?

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