Employee Onboarding

August 20, 2014

in Culture, Team Building

We have been hiring a number of people recently. I have thought some about employee onboarding.

There is a really good article here about onboarding employees so that they have a great experience. The gist for a really good first day is:

  • Have the employee come in late, like 11am
  • Don’t outsource the welcome
  • Keep the first day light, not over scheduled
  • Clue them in on the vernacular

Those are good tips for a first day. More importantly, it is vital to keep the company culture strong in the new hires.

On the paperwork side of things, here are the things we do to onboard a new employee:

  • Make sure there is a signed offer letter (i.e. the employment agreement, including salary details and at-will nature of employment)
  • Make sure there is a signed Employee Covenants Agreement, including assignment of work product, NDA, etc.
  • Make sure the Employee Handbook as been delivered and explained, including emphasis on company culture
  • Fill out the I-9 form with visual inspection of valid forms of identification. Perform eVerify verification
  • Fill out the W-4 form and the G-4 form for Georgia employees. Add employee to the ADP payroll system.
  • Fill out health insurance and benefits forms.
  • Add the employee to Skype chat
  • Create employee’s email account
  • Add the employee to the company calendar
  • Add the employee to the company Google drive directories
  • Provide department-specific credentials to computers or systems

That is what we do. What does your startup do to onboard new employees?


  • Rohit

    Ask them to setup their machine and build from source?

    • melonakos

      That is an excellent idea and we often do that too!

      I also like to ask new employees to sign up on the website as if they are a new prospective customer downloading a trial. They have to take notes of the process and report anything they find confusing or they think can be improved. It is a great exercise!

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