Conditions for First Time Entrepreneurs to Consider

September 7, 2014

in Ideas, Ownership, Starting Up

I ran across a nice post by Adii Pienaar recently that talks about helpful conditions for first time entrepreneurs to consider. Many of these are similar to conditions we benefitted from as we started building ArrayFire.

  • Build onto someone else’s platform. Even though there is added platform risk, it is very helpful to start adding value to something already valuable.
  • Find fast-flowing streams, which means you want to attach yourself to a fast growing market. GPU and accelerated computing has been fast growing, so it has been a great place to be for us.
  • App stores are a bonus. From talking with others, I’m not sure I agree with this one, but I have no particular first-hand experience.
  • Have the option of going big. Options are always good to have.

What are the things you would recommend to first time entrepreneurs?


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