Hazelcast Raises $11 Million

September 22, 2014

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A few days ago, Hazelcast raised $11 million. This is interesting to me because Hazelcast is pursuing a similar open source business model like the one we are transitioning to at ArrayFire.

Hazelcast maintains a leading open source in-memory data grid. It enables high-speed NoSQL.

Like ArrayFire, it is a commercially maintained open source project that is better than other alternatives for what it does on the market. Rather than sell licenses directly, the model is to give away the software liberally and find other ways to monetize indirectly. I have written about the internal deliberations we have had on this topic numerous times before.

The Hazelcast raise is another sign that open source business models are winning over traditional enterprise sales approaches. The giants in the market that cling to old fashioned business models will have a hard time adjusting to the disruption.

What are your thoughts on the Hazelcast raise and the open source business model?


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