Winning Hearts Through Culture

September 28, 2014

in Culture, Leadership, Team Building

The best leaders win over hearts. Startup leaders can compensate well. That buys the employee’s hand. They will do their work.

But to be enthused and loyal is a different matter.

I think any wholesome business can create that special kind of atmosphere. You do not need to be saving lives as a doctor or saving the planet to have something special. To have a wholesome business is enough.

What matters is creating a culture where people can thrive individually. Where they get so much out of being associated with the team that they cannot imagine giving it up. Startups can amplify its team member’s lives, building them up, in a truly special and compounding interest sort of way.

Hearts are won as the team sees the leader truly care about each of them and care about creating that kind of culture.

What are your thoughts about winning hearts as a leader?


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