Halloween Costume Startup

October 5, 2014

in Ideas, Starting Up

In undergrad, I had a good friend who was also an engineering student. He was hilarious and always doing funny things. After school he went to work at NASA on the Mars rover.

While at NASA, Mark started posting funny videos to YouTube. Many of them went viral and he started making money from all the views he was getting from his YouTube content.

Today, while searching for Halloween costumes, I ran across Mark’s video below. He has become so successful with these videos and associated merchandising that he quit his job at NASA.

I thought his story is a great example of transitioning from an established day job to a startup. I imagine that the payments he was receiving from his YouTube views helped with making the transition.

If you want to watch some funny videos and be inspired by Mark’s humor and entrepreneurial spirit, check out his YouTube channel.

What friends have you watched go on to do great startuppy things?


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