Brand Equity

October 7, 2014

in Culture, Marketing, Team Building

Another entrepreneur recently mentioned to me that he thinks his startup is now achieving added success merely because they have been around long enough to receive inbound leads. I mentioned to him that I had noticed a similar trend with ArrayFire several years after we started.

I had noticed around year 3 that we didn’t have to work so hard to accomplish things. Our brand had naturally permeated out into our market and we had begun to reap those benefits. I have written previously about how that is related to slow persistence.

I read another post today by Tomasz Tunguz on the topic of brand equity. He mentioned:

When confronted with an important product or marketing or sales decision, if each member of a startup asks, how can we build our brand equity with this?, then a startup’s management team can rest easy knowing the company is building a long-term competitive advantage, a culture to recruit great talent, a loyal customer base and an asset of compounding value to the business. Even if they can’t measure it.

Brand equity is something I think about a lot for our business. I think we do a pretty good job at it relative to comparable companies and it has paid dividends over time.

What are your thoughts on brand equity?

  • lance

    Customers today, brand along the way.

    • melonakos

      Love it!

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