Atlanta Startups are Pragmatic

October 9, 2014

in Fundraising, Ownership, Sales

Three times in the last 24 hours, I have been reminded that Atlanta startups are pragmatic.

First, last night entrepreneurial-minded students at Georgia Tech asked me what I thought about building startups in Atlanta. I said it is one of the only places in the world with such rich talent coupled with such low expenses. The ability to bootstrap or minimally fundraise (thereby retaining larger percentage ownership as a founder) is very high here.

Second, David Cummings put up a post on community building. He said, “Focus entrepreneurs on building successful, sustainable businesses and not on raising money (too many people view raising money as the measure of success).” Village companies have a wonderful passion for finding and selling to real customers. It is an underlying current there that is awesome.

Third, Lance Weatherby put up a seasoned post about preparing to weather financial storms in a startup. He said, “Build a real business now. The old fashioned way. Through paying customers that generate profits.”

Coupling a pragmatic desire to build a real sustainable business while also unleashing entrepreneurial spirit into unearthing opportunity can be a wonderful recipe for success, especially in Atlanta.

What are your thoughts on being pragmatic in your startup?


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