October 30, 2014

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Ever since Back to the Future 2, hoverboards have been awesome to board-loving tech geeks like me.


Some of my first impressions of hoverboards being realistic came from the back of Boys’ Life magazines that I subscribed to during my Boy Scouting years. Here is the ad that I always wanted to purchase but never did.



Another pop culture reference to hoverboards related to startups comes from Ali G. I remember this clip when he pitched a VC on his hoverboard idea haha.

Well, after all that fake stuff, Jimi posted a link to twitter today that drew my attention to the Hendo Hoverboard on Kickstarter. How awesome is this?!

This summer on the lake I got to experience flyboarding. It was awesome and started to feel a lot like hoverboarding. Here’s a video of me on the lake doing that.

The same day I was experiencing flyboarding, others on the lake were doing a lake style hover board like this one.


Hoverboards are awesome and I’m excited to see them coming to life!

What are your thoughts on hoverboards?

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