Pickup Lines

November 18, 2014

in Marketing

I have been at the Supercomputing conference this week with both ArrayFire and Brinktop. As we are standing in the booth I realized that for ArrayFire we have good pickup lines we can use to start talking to anyone at the show.

  • Do you do any CUDA or OpenCL programming?
  • Do you use GPUs or accelerators?
  • Do you develop software? (which would normally be an overly generic statement but at this particular conference it works)

But for Brinktop we are still figuring out our pickup lines. Here are ones we are contemplating:

  • Do you have kids? (Yikes this one is personal and can backfire! But the point is that Brinktops are great for parents to build with kids)
  • Have you ever thought about building your own tablet? (Not that good because most people have not thought about building their own tablet. But it starts a conversation.)
  • Do you need a great Christmas gift? We are selling a $300 tablet kit! (I personally like this one because we happen to be near that time of year)

Having a great pickup line can do wonders for starting meaningful conversations with tradeshow attendees.

What pickup lines do you use for your startup?

PS: I was feeling sick this morning and went to the doctor. He said I need more Vitamin U. (Hahahaha my fav)

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