My Mistakes of the Last Year

July 1, 2015

in Leadership, Ownership, Personal Improvement, Team Building

I’m back.

So I thought I’d restart by talking about a bunch of mistakes I’ve made in the last year. I’ll describe those more fully in the next few days. Here they are:

  1. Started two new companies that failed (price tag at roughly $100k lost)
  2. Hired for a position that didn’t work out (price tag at roughly $100k lost)
  3. Stopped blogging; I regret losing the cadence
  4. Mis-managed my time

Many good things have happened in the last year too, but I’m going to return to blogging with a raw accounting of my mistakes.

Which of those four do you think bothers me the most? What mistakes have you made?

  • Vish

    Welcome back John :) I think you are most bothered by 4 then 3.

    • melonakos

      Thanks Vish! Number 4 for sure is the leader. The rest is a wash.

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