Computational Speed Needs of the Federal Government

July 7, 2015

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ArrayFire is about making code faster. Many of the problems of the world that need to be accelerated are managed by the federal government. We currently are working on two major projects.

  1. We work with Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) which is part of the Department of Defense on the XDATA and MEMEX projects. One goal is to improve scientific visualization and programmability. Another goal is to provide tools that law enforcement agencies can use to fight human trafficking.
  2. We work with the Department of Energy on projects related to cybersecurity. The DOE controls the nuclear secrets of the USA and many of the biggest supercomputers in the world. They need to keep their systems safe from cyber attacks.
  3. We work with the National Institutes of Health to provide new computational tools that aid in neuroscience-related research.

We love working with the federal government on these important problems. However, there are strict requirements in how we run our accounting systems that are required in order to work with these agencies. Tomorrow I will write about the overhead involved in doing business with the federal government. It is the price to pay to work on interesting problems like these.

What projects have you done with the federal government?


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