I Guess I Like to Create Things

July 13, 2015

in Culture, Personal Improvement

I ran across an article today discussing how a particular entrepreneur (who is currently the CEO of YouTube) balances her 5 children and entrepreneurship. Her answer was, “I guess I like to create things.”

One of the things I like most about hanging around other entrepreneurs is that they are interesting not only in how they run their businesses, but also in many other aspects of their lives. My favorite group of entrepreneurs are the 7 other members of my Entrepreneur Organization forum. We meet for 5 hours every month and discuss all aspects of our business, personal, and family lives. We also go on two retreats each year.

Each of the members in my EO forum likes to create things. Businesses, families, non-profits, construction projects, friendships, events, and more. I have seen my entrepreneurial friends excel at creating all of the above. It is a good descriptor for the entrepreneurial spirit.

I like to spend time with people that are interested in creating things. I like to hire people that are interested in that too.

What are your thoughts on creating things?


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