The Importance of Customers Loving a Product

November 8, 2014

the obsession with “recurring revenue” has gone too far. most businesses have repeat purchasers, and people cancel SaaS subscriptions. yes, recurring revenue is great to have, but is it really worth such a huge valuation premium over “regular revenue”? fundamental issue remains: if users love the product, they will keep buying. if not, they will […]

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Preparing for Presentations

November 7, 2014

One of the major tradeshows for our market is coming up next week. We have several presentations we will give. As I watch our people prepare, I have a few thoughts: Find balance in preparation. Do not over prepare. You have other work to do. If there are only going to be 5 people in […]

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Thoughts on Neuroscience

November 3, 2014

During my first year of grad school, I worked in the neurolab at Georgia Tech. From there I went on to complete my PhD work in medical image processing focused on brain MRI. Over the years, I interacted a lot with brain experts. Given the recent tragedy at work, I have again been diving in […]

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October 30, 2014

Ever since Back to the Future 2, hoverboards have been awesome to board-loving tech geeks like me. Some of my first impressions of hoverboards being realistic came from the back of Boys’ Life magazines that I subscribed to during my Boy Scouting years. Here is the ad that I always wanted to purchase but never […]

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Hunter vs Farmer

October 29, 2014

I have several times heard an analogy for startups that involves hunting versus farming. If you start with nothing, all you can do is hunt to get immediate food. And you may find some big animals. But they’ll mostly be small. Some days you won’t find anything. Farming is more predictable but takes time to […]

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Startups Where Scientific Research Is The Bottleneck

October 28, 2014

Many of my favorite Atlanta startups are in midtown hanging around Georgia Tech (at places like ATDC). They are highly scientific research based startups that have big opportunities to change the world. Often in those startups, the scientific research is the bottleneck. Either the researchers will make it work or they won’t. For this reason, […]

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Training the Startup Brain to Spot Ideas

October 27, 2014

I get frustrated when I see a startup opportunity blow up that I should have detected. Sometimes the frustration comes from missing out. Sometimes the frustration comes from my failure to detect it. I want to continually improve my startup brain to spot great ideas. Here are two examples where I am kicking myself: Bitcoin (missing out) […]

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Being a Good Boss

October 26, 2014

My own leadership style has morphed over time. At the beginning, I was “CEO” but that was just a title to have a title. I was really just a co-founder with my friends. Then we hired people. I started becoming more of the “CEO” that I thought I should be. Sometimes I would get advice […]

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Disability Insurance

October 25, 2014

I just posted about the terrible tragedy affecting one of our people. One big regret I have right now is that our company has not had disability insurance. When a startup first begins, it has nothing. It has no insurance. Then it starts adding benefits. Here is an example progression: General business insurance, which is […]

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When Tragedy Strikes

October 24, 2014

I have missed several days of blogging. One of our people has suffered a terrible accident, and I am spending much of my time in the hospital with him and his family. This is a brief post from the hospital while I am waiting. I have had some surreal thoughts about tragedy the past few […]

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