Thoughts on the Trunkclub Acquisition

August 2, 2014

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I started using Trunkclub for my clothes last year and have loved the experience. Last week Trunkclub was acquired by Nordstrom.

It is a fantastic service. They assigned me a stylist. Her name is Kelly. Kelly got to know me through phone calls and questionnaires. We are connected on social media. She knows I do not like skinny jeans and short shorts. Stuff like that.

Then when I have something I want, she ships me a trunk. She tries to give me things that fit what I want. She also sends things she thinks would look good on me.

I try everything on and keep what I want. I return the rest in the same trunk. I only pay for what I keep. I do not pay for shipping.

The clothes are medium pricey, but not more pricey than buying directly in a Nordstrom. It is so convenient. For someone like me that is terrible at figuring out what goes well together, it is super nice to have an expert figuring out my wardrobe. The boost of confidence by having a personal expert stylist is a great premium service.

I love how Trunkclub took technology into an old industry and is able to provide a wonderful service at scale and go from founding to acquisition in just a few years; they were founded in Dec 2009. It is a great story of entrepreneurial success.

What are your thoughts on life as a service startup ideas?

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