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October 10, 2014

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We just finished moving into our new office this week. It is a much bigger space than we have been in previously. We find ourselves now looking at office furniture.

Ever since we got our first office space in 2009, we have always preferred an open office space without any private offices. I have never had a private office. We like to sit close and collaborate. If we need to focus, we put on headphones and tell people to not bother us.

  • For desks, we prefer simple desktops like these from IKEA.
  • For chairs, it is hard to find something that everyone likes. During our years at ATDC, the most popular choice were the Improv chairs with rollers because swivel chairs like the Aeron move around too much and are not as solid. Some people like huge plush swivel chairs. Personal preference in seating is hugely variable.

We are close to filling all of the 20 startup desks that I wrote about previously. All the private offices are taken and we are in the process of talking to other potential startups interested in the larger open space.

For these tenants, we will provide similar table and chair options.

Regardless of the choice of table and chairs, there are many other things to consider when contemplating your startups layout. I like things to be organized and clutter free.

What are your thoughts on office furniture?

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