When Tragedy Strikes

October 24, 2014

in Culture, Team Building

I have missed several days of blogging. One of our people has suffered a terrible accident, and I am spending much of my time in the hospital with him and his family.

This is a brief post from the hospital while I am waiting. I have had some surreal thoughts about tragedy the past few days:

  • it comes unexpectedly. you know this logically, but it still confounds you when it happens
  • we are so grateful to be in a position where we have redundancy in our operations such that our business will at least have some adaptation on the projects affected; while still super painful it is much better than if it were just 2 people in the company
  • the waiting period is long and the questions unanswerable in a timely fashion, sequentially getting answered as:  will the person recover? how fully will they recover? how fast will they recover?
  • it becomes very apparent how much you love someone when a tragedy strikes

I’m purposefully leaving out the details and will not blog about those. But tragedy strikes and please keep our people and their families in your prayers this week.


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