YCombinator’s List of Startup Ideas

September 26, 2014

in Ideas

YCombinator dropped a big list of startup ideas earlier this month. Here are the ones that interest me the most:

  • AI – so much is possible now (like this stuff) with cheap and powerful computing resources, like the ones ArrayFire deals with
  • Robotics – so fun! I love drones
  • Education – Brinktop is now working in this space by making build-it-yourself Android tablet kits for people wanting an entertaining educational experience
  • Government – we do a lot of work trying to improve government software with ArrayFire
  • VR and AR – really cool. I’ve written about those before (augmented and virtual)
  • Programming Tools – this is all about ArrayFire
  • Enterprise Software – I am specifically interested in making enterprise software for science and engineering much cheaper and better than the currently entrenched systems

What areas interest you?


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