It’s a Numbers Game

July 6, 2015

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Recently I have thought a lot about the phrase, “It’s a numbers game.” A lot of success in life is all about repetition. Many people perceive others’ success as being lucky where in reality the success may have been the probabilistic result of taking more shots on the goal.

Here are some scattered thoughts about this:

  • The more leads you talk to, the more business you will transact.
  • At tradeshows, I love to compare how many leads we get relative to previous years, relative to other participants in the tradeshow, and sometimes I even like to compete our people off of each other to generate the most leads possible.
  • Tactful automation (a la Pardot, etc) is really a wonderful way to get ahead of the competition. And tact is key.
  • The numbers game concept applies to more than just generating revenue. When I was a missionary, it applied to how many people I was successful at bringing into the church. It applies to dating. It applies to achieving success with working out.

Remembering the phrase “it’s a numbers game” is useful in overcoming rejection. No one wins every battle for a new customer. But those who talk to 1,000 potential leads will win more than those who only talk to 100. Often those who talk to 1,000 leads will win even more than 10X those who talk only to 100 due to network amplifying effects.

What are your thoughts on the phase “it’s a numbers game?”

  • JLynn

    Great thoughts. I love that this phrase speaks to the effort
    involved. No effort = no numbers anyway, whichever way you take them.
    Puts the onus on you, not someone else.

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