The Extra Mile

July 8, 2015

in Leadership, Marketing, Personal Improvement, Sales

While “it’s a numbers game” matters a lot, quality of work also matters tremendously.

Today I was thinking about a proposal we wrote to a client some time ago that resulted in a $100k deal for our business. Our proposal was over-the-top in detail and effort. I think the client notice the extra mile labor we put into our proposal and that made the difference.

The extra mile matters. A lot. Those who consistently put in the little bit of extra mile work will not just win by a little bit, but will often win the lion’s share.

Here are some examples of extra mile wins:

  • Proofreading anything written. So few people do it.
  • Making that extra trip out to visit a large client or prospective client.
  • Using task follow-ups (especially those in linked to a CRM system) to ensure that you follow-up with leads and partners on a regular cadence.
  • Writing hand-written notes.
  • Saying things that are personal and heartfelt when they are sincere.
  • Remembering birthdays and special occasions.

What are other extra mile things that you do?


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